Eriolukorra tõttu suletud!

Estonia pst 11,
10141 Tallinn

Näita/peida menüü

The museum is open from 09.00-14.00 on Estonian Independence Day.


The Eesti Pank museum will open at 9.00 on Tuesday 24 February and everyone is welcome to join us to celebrate Independence Day. The Manifesto of Estonian Independence will be on display on the wall of the central bank beside the museum.

The building at Estonia puiestee 13 once housed the Russian State Bank, and in 1918 the first Estonian government was formed there. The Finance Minister of the provisional government, Juhan Kukk, was one of the main authors of the manifesto of Estonian independence, and the text of the manifesto will be displayed on the wall of the building to commemorate Independence Day.

Visitors to the museum on the morning of 24 February will be offered tea and pastries and at 11.00 there will be a guided tour of the museum’s collection in Estonian. The Museum and the museum shop are open until 14.00 on 24 February.

You are very welcome to come and celebrate Independence Day with us!