The museum is currently closed

Estonia pst 11,
10141 Tallinn

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The Eesti Pank museum will open at 9.00 on Tuesday 24 February and everyone is welcome to join us to celebrate Independence Day.


The exhibition “Lithuanian money from litas to euro” will be open on Tuesday, 13 January at the Eesti Pank Museum, Estonia pst 11, Tallinn.


From today until the end of February, Eesti Pank will join other central banks of the euro area in exchanging Lithuanian litas banknotes for euros at the central rate with no charge to offer support for Lithuania as it joins the euro area.


The museum is closed for the Christmas holidays on 24–26 December and on Saturday 27 December.

The museum and the shop are open from 12.00-14.00 on Tuesday 23 December.


Gold and silver collector coins can be bought in the shop of the Eesti Pank museum.