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Estonia pst 11,
10141 Tallinn

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An exhibition of paper scrip money of the 19th and 20th centuries in Estonia will open at 11.00 on 12 April at the Eesti Pank Museum at Estonia pst 11.


The series of exhibitions of the treasures of Estonian coin collectors dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Eesti Pank will open officially in the Eesti Pank museum at Estonia pst 11 on Friday 18 January at 15.30.

  • Eesti Pank will issue a silver collector coin and a gold one for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia
  • The gold coin will cost 300 euros and 3000 will be minted
  • Eesti Pank is issuing a two-euro coin with a special design on 19 February to celebrate the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia