The museum is currently closed

Estonia pst 11,
10141 Tallinn

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While the Eesti Pank museum is extraordinarily closed, Eesti kroons can be exchanged for euros at the visitors entrance to the bank on Mondays to Fridays from 12.00-15.00.

If you want to exchange kroons, please call in advance on 6680 729.

Visitors entrance to the bank

The Eesti Pank Museum showcases Estonian money and its history as well as the central bank, its activities and its past. As the histories of Eesti Pank and Estonia are closely connected, the museum also gives an idea of the development of the country.

The museum is located on the first floor of the oldest building in the famous red-brick Eesti Pank complex. The building has retained its original appearance – it is more than a hundred years old inside and out. We are located on Estonia puiestee close to the Estonia Theatre and Solaris Centre. You’ll find the entrance by the towers and blue flags of the museum.